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27468baby won't calm down

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  • timbysmommy
    Mar 15, 2007
      Hi all,

      Li Li went to the cardiologist today to confirm something on echo.
      Anyway, she is still doing some hard breathing 3 hours since we got
      home. I gave her benazepril plus all her supplements, and 6.25 mg
      lasix. When that didn't help, I gave her another 3 mg lasix. On the
      good side, she has eaten 3 plates of food since we have been home and
      has had episodes of play. But she is still struggling a bit. I sprayed
      rescue remedy a few minutes ago. I know I can give her a little more
      lasix tonight, but was wondering if anyone has suggestions to calm her.
      The tv is on and I am sitting here with her.

      I just hate to see her having a hard time. I know this was a big day
      today for her, but it's taking a long time for her to recover from the

      Any suggestions appreciated,

      Linda and Li Li
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