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27288Re: Update on 20 year old cat with swollen back legs

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  • margdaw4
    Mar 6, 2007
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      Thank you Sharyl! My vet did prescribe Mylanta as a phosphate
      binder. I am going to ask for a copy of the blood test so I can see
      the levels on everything. My vet said she would not give Lasix
      because of his kidneys; but then she said the cardiologist might
      prescribe it. We will see tomorrow. I just hope he does not get
      too stressed during the test.


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Sharyl Cline <clinebay@...>
      > Margie, the traveling cardiologist sounds great. If
      > you make an appointment with one at another facility
      > there is a good chance you would have to leave Frisky
      > for several hours. I know when I took Albert and
      > Pequita in we had to leave them at 9 am and couldn't
      > pick them up until 4 pm.
      > Old is relative. If Frisky is happy then my vote is
      > to treat him for whatever ails him. Did the vet give
      > you a copy of his blood work. Vets often prescribe
      > Mylanta as a phosphate binder. If so you might want
      > to check into buying Dried Aluminum Hydroxide. It
      > works better and can be mixed with Frisky's food.
      > The recommended dosage of regular strength Pepcid AC
      > is 1/4 pill EOD on the CRF board. To much Pepcid can
      > cause an upset tummy. Also Pepcid is processed
      > through the kidneys and too much can cause problems
      > there.
      > Did your vet talk about lasix to help eliminate the
      > fluids in his legs? That would be something to talk
      > to the cardiologist about.
      > Good Luck
      > Sharyl Albert and Pequita
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