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27285Re: Update on 20 year old cat with swollen back legs

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  • Sharyl Cline
    Mar 5, 2007
      Margie, the traveling cardiologist sounds great. If
      you make an appointment with one at another facility
      there is a good chance you would have to leave Frisky
      for several hours. I know when I took Albert and
      Pequita in we had to leave them at 9 am and couldn't
      pick them up until 4 pm.

      Old is relative. If Frisky is happy then my vote is
      to treat him for whatever ails him. Did the vet give
      you a copy of his blood work. Vets often prescribe
      Mylanta as a phosphate binder. If so you might want
      to check into buying Dried Aluminum Hydroxide. It
      works better and can be mixed with Frisky's food.

      The recommended dosage of regular strength Pepcid AC
      is 1/4 pill EOD on the CRF board. To much Pepcid can
      cause an upset tummy. Also Pepcid is processed
      through the kidneys and too much can cause problems

      Did your vet talk about lasix to help eliminate the
      fluids in his legs? That would be something to talk
      to the cardiologist about.
      Good Luck
      Sharyl Albert and Pequita

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