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27282Re: Update on 20 year old cat with swollen back legs

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  • Janie
    Mar 5, 2007
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      Hey a friend of mine her cat was 24 yrs old. So maybe Frisky has a way
      to go.I think you should maybe try to be with him if you can. Im always
      with our cats and I get to see the ultra sound. That seems a bit
      stressful maybe if you live close you could schedule it and they could
      call when the dr gets there? They can do what they want that makes the
      dif in vets. Whatever I think if you feel ok and can pay for it do it.
      My cat Trampster is I think 16 give or take. She has heart problem too.
      Has for 5 Yrs. She runs around like a kitten. Shes losing weight but I
      pray she lives too. She aspirated she had her teeth fixed a month ago
      and is now gaining and she has been through a lot she still is spunky
      and she bosses the 17 poundes around. Good luck. I wonder if her legs
      have fluid like people get fluid in there legs. That would make them
      swollen. Just a thought. Dose she take lasix? Janie
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