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27258Update on 20 year old cat with swollen back legs

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  • margdaw4
    Mar 5 4:53 AM
      Thank you everyone so very much for all your responses. My name is
      Margie and my cat's name is Frisky. Frisky will turn 21 on May 1,
      2007. I got him when he was only 8 weeks old. His back legs are still
      very swollen and I did take him to the vets a couple of times about
      his swollen legs and the vet thinks it is a circulation problem caused
      by old age. I asked her if I should have him see a cardiologist and
      she said it is up to me; but if it were her cat, she would not because
      he is so old. Last Thursday she did another blood test and it showed
      his kidneys are getting worse. This is what she prescribed last
      Thursday. I am to give him Mylanta twice a day, Pepcid AC twice a
      day, a potassium supplement once a day, a baby aspirin twice a week,
      and an ACE Inhibitor called Enalpril once a day. My question to
      everyone is should I take him to a cardiologist? He has a great
      appetite and eats quite a lot of food each day. He also drinks water
      each day. But now, he can only walk about 5 steps and then flops
      over. He mostly sleeps on the couch on an electric blanket that I
      have going day and night for him. He has been my best buddy for the
      last 20 years and I want to do everything for him but want to do the
      right thing. Would anyone suggest that I take him to a cardiologist,
      given his age? This morning I feel like that is what I want to do. I
      wondered if they could give him some medicine that would help his
      heart and help him to walk. When I put his 2 back legs up on a small
      pillow while he is sleeping, his legs go back to normal. He has been
      taking the baby asprin since September 2005 because his back legs
      collpased one day and they thought he threw a clot. He regained his
      walking 2 days later.
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