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27231Re: New here - two kitties with HCM

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  • Tracy
    Mar 1, 2007
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      Hi Nala!

      That's what my vet thinks too, I just got off the phone with her,
      his kidney values are causing the most problems. His BUN went up
      but his Creatinine went down and she's not happy about the elevated
      BUN. She phoned in a prescrption to my pharmacy for a stronger
      antacid though I'm not sure what the name is as I'll pick it up
      tonight. She wants to wait til maybe Monday to restart his
      atenolol. Lasix we are going to try and keep on an every other day
      or so dosing dependent on how he is. He was drinking this morning
      and I added some extra water to his breakfast to help with

      I'm pretty much at the point that it's a quality of life issue for
      him now, I want him to eat and be comfortable but if his life gets
      so unbearable than I'll probably have to make a decision which
      breaks my heart. I was sitting next to him last night on our spare
      bed and I just started sobbing and while in the midst of this I felt
      a paw on my hand, he was trying to reassure me I think. He's such a
      wonderful kitty. I feel guilty for probably causing this by
      boarding him but he's never had bad reactions to boarding before.
      He was in for 10 days last September and sailed through but I guess
      his heart has just been letting him down.

      Big sigh.....

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