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27228Re: New here - two kitties with HCM

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  • Tracy
    Mar 1, 2007
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      Oscar went back to the vet yesterday, though not an overly positive
      appointment. We're just all stymied by him. On the upside he did
      gain 1/2 a lb since the 17th so he's back over 11 lbs. He clearly
      needs to remain on Lasix but dosing is a senstitive thing. He is
      dehydrated but with the fluid on his lungs subQ's are very scary.
      The vet has recommended that we remove him from all meds, except
      Lasix as needed - I've moved him to an every other day dosing, so he
      didn't get a dose last night. For food I need to add more liquid to
      it to help him rehydrate. Vet gave me some anti-nausia drug that
      costs the earth, he had 1/2 a tablet but I'm not sure that it made
      him eat. She also prescribed the appetitie stimulant cypro....
      which I haven't given to him yet since he ate last night, not a huge
      amount but enough. He was up and about this morning and had his
      head down in the food bowl when I left for work - he's now addicted
      to Fancy Feast - and he was drinking. He's a tough little guy but
      his body can only take so much. They did a recheck of his kidney
      values and found his BUN up and his Creatinine down from the 17th -
      elevated BUN explains why he's feeling poorly. Vet said he must
      have been quite fragile before he developed the fluid on his lungs
      at the beginning of February when he was boarded for 4 days with my
      other two. He's usually just fine being boarded, we've never had
      any issues before at all so he must really have been going downhill
      for a while before and just hiding it, the way cats do. I'm hoping
      he'll turn around but his heart is in really bad shape, he should be
      on the heart meds but if they are causing him to feel horrid and not
      eat then sure they are helping his heart but hurting him otherwise.

      So now we are in a wait and see situation, we'll just carry on from
      here and see how much longer he will be with us.

      Heart disease and CRF - not a fun thing to deal with.

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