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26749Re:I don't like this ride anymore, can I get offf!!!

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  • nala nala
    Feb 2, 2007

      We are right there with you, fighting at least one
      pretty scary episode every 7-10 days and minor
      episodes another 1 -2x/week.

      My cardiologist goes by 4 mg/kg up to 3x/day for the
      lasix dosing. My regular vet says 4.4 mg/kg up to
      2x/day. Just remember a kg is about 2.2 lbs so divide
      Q-tip's weight by 2.2 to figure out how many pounds he
      is then multiply by 4 to figure a maximum dose.

      For my cat (about 6.6 lbs so 6.6lbs/2.2kg per lb = 3
      kg). 3 kg x 4 mg = 12 mg. So I can give 12 mg 3x/day
      for a total of 36 mg. Currently Cozette is getting
      something like 7.5 mg at 6:30 am, 7.5 mg at 2:30 pm
      and 7.5 mg at 10:30 pm. However, if her respirations
      are really good (18 to 20) I give her 5 mg, and if
      they are elevated (28-32) I give her 10. If they stay
      elevated she gets another 5.

      We have also added hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ - without
      the spironolactone) to her treatment because sometimes
      we can't get her breathing under control even at 35 mg
      lasix. We have only been giving about 3 mg of the
      HCTZ 1x/day at the 10:30 dose because for whatever
      reason, she seems to have problems at night - she will
      be fine at 7 pm and at 9 pm, but suddenly at 10 pm her
      respirations will be creeping up and after treatment
      they start to come down only around 2 am.

      Since my kitty has been having some renal issues, I
      try to make sure she has plenty to drink. I have two
      kitty fountains and if she follows me into the
      bathroom or kitchen I let her drink from the sink. . .
      Her kidney values have been OK for the past month
      despite the larger and larger doses of diuretics. We
      are keeping our fingers crossed.

      Best to you and the Q-tip.

      Nala, Camille and Cozette

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