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  • protectanimals
    Jan 6, 2007
      Nala and Sue are right about my cat Monkey's use of Lovenox and my
      sister's cat Tugboat's use of Plavix. I just wanted to add a couple of

      My personal opinion is I would not trust/rely on aspirin to prevent
      clots, because Monkey was on aspirin for years leading up to her
      throwing 2 clots. She took 81 mg. twice a week for awhile (years?)
      which was reduced to 1/2 of an 81 mg. twice a week when she started
      meds for hyperthyroid which made her vomit EVERYTHING (till we switched
      to transdermal).

      My sister's cat used Plavix for years prior to dying from a saddle
      thrombosis, but my sister's opinion IS that the Plavix saved Tugboat
      for years from throwing clots. Tugboat was 16 years old when she
      died. I suppose I could have the same attitude toward the apsirin as
      my sister has toward the Plavix, I could decide the aspirin prevented
      Monkey from throwing those clots for years, which may be true.
      However, considering she did throw clots, my faith is in the Lovenox
      which prevented it from happening ever again! Monkey died 11/1/06 from
      other complications of heart disease, but not a clot! She did, by the
      way, continue to take the same dose of aspirin until her death, even
      after the clots, because her vet wanted her to have it, but again, I
      put my faith in the Lovenox.

      Meredith.....missing Monkey and now Wonder

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      > How many of your cats are on aspirin therapy? And are they
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