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26451Re: [FH] Aspirin therapy

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  • nala nala
    Jan 4, 2007
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      I just wanted to add - because Leah's post reminded me
      - that whether or not plavix works to prevent clots in
      cats hasn't been proven. If I recall correctly, it
      does seem to help in _in vitro_ (test tube)
      experiments, but whether that translates into
      inhibiting clot formation in a whole cat is not yet

      My cat has not had a clot, but Meredith with Monkey
      has a sister who had a cat who did get a clot despite
      the Plavix treatment. Her sister did think that the
      Plavix held off the clot formation.

      There is a folder at the main message board with some
      articles about nattokinase. I asked my cardiologist
      about it and she was a bit dismissive as it has not
      really been well studied in cats and she said if it
      were her cat she would not want to experiment but she
      left it up to us. . .


      --- Leah Ferron <leahandhercats@...> wrote:

      > Sara,
      > I think the dosage that Toby was on (40mg/day)
      > before was too much. I believe the usual recommended
      > dosage is 1/2 baby aspirin (40 mg) every 2-3 days.

      That is why I used Nattokinase for
      > Angel Alec who had RCM and was at a great risk for
      > clots. He never got a clot. Who is to say why he
      > didn't but I believe the Natto worked. There are
      > also drugs like Plavix and Lovenox (sp?) for clot
      > prevention too that are better than aspirin.

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