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26445Aspirin therapy

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  • Sara
    Jan 4, 2007
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      How many of your cats are on aspirin therapy? And are they assymptomatic?

      A couple years ago Toby was on 40 mg a day from the vet, but then the cardiologist took him off and said he didnt need it. I dont want to cause him more harm than good if he doesnt need it so I took him off it. His ventricle is thickening, but he's still in the mild stages and it hasnt effected his left atrium yet.

      I've read that taking aspirin to prevent thrombosis is helpful in cats with HCM effecting the left atrium. Do you think aspirin therapy is helpful in all HCM cats or is it only for certain stages? And is there a certain point where it is ever too late?

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