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26408Re: [FH] I don't want to be here

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Dec 31, 2006
      Hi Amy,

      In a message dated 12/30/06 4:55:00 PM, amy1350@... writes:

      > I've never joined an online support group before, but then again I've
      > never had a cat with heart disease before. 
      So Luke is guiding you into new experience. He must be a special guy.

      > I don't know what to do.  The thought of
      > him not being with me is almost more then I can bear.
      You're doing a good thing for him by joining with others who are helping
      heart cats lead full lives. So you knew one thing to do.

      Luke is with you now, right? So another thing to learn to do is to treasure
      him every day. It's easy when caring for a cat with a health condition to miss
      the present by getting tangled up in an unknowable future.
      > Should I start Luke on a low sodium diet?
      Not necessarily...altho "low" is relative. What's important in cat nutrition
      is to provide a reasonable balance of nutrients, incl sodium, that falls
      within a generally accepted range for cats. Severely restricting one mineral or
      another can lead to imbalances...and products that severely manipulate one or two
      nutrients (like most Rx foods) usually have such poor ingredients that any
      possible benefit from restricting sodium or whatever is outweighed by the
      overall lack of nutrition. Canned foods that have high-quality, species-appropriate,
      meat-based ingredients...eg Wellness, Nature's Variety, Natural Balance,
      etc...will generally have a good balance of all nutrients that meet a cat's unique
      nutritional needs.

      That said, if you're feeding a food with very high sodium, that would not be
      good for any cat, with or without heart disease.

      If you're interested in information on cat nutrition, some links are below:

      1. http://home.earthlink.net/~jacm2/id1.html
      2. www.catinfo.org
      3. www.maxshouse.com/feline_nutrition.htm
      4. http://rocquoone.com/diet_and_health.htm
      5. www.advancepetfood.com.au/nutrition
      6. ww.drsfostersmith.com/general.cfm?siteid=0&gid=74&ref=2066&subref=AN

      Some canned foods that generally do a good job of meeting a cat's nutritional
      needs incl: Wellness, www.oldmotherhubbard.com; Nature's Variety,
      www.naturesvariety.com; PetGuard, www.petguard.com; Felidae, www.canidae.com; Natural
      Balance, www.naturalbalanceinc.com; By Nature's Organics,
      http://www.bynaturepetfoods.com/index.htm; and Eagle Pack, www.eaglepack.com.

      // Rosemary

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