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26393Re: [FH] I don't want to be here

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  • nala nala
    Dec 30, 2006
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      Dear Amy,

      Welcome to the group. I completely understand not
      wanting to be here! Last February, my 5.5 yr old cat
      was diagnosed with hypertrophic obstructive
      cardiomyopathy. I had never belonged to any kind of
      on-line group, support or otherwise, either, but the
      people who make this site work are really good people
      who love their animals dearly and really try to help
      each other with both information and support.

      Atenolol is the standard treatment for the obstructive
      form of the disease. The beta-blocker slows down the
      heart rate allowing more time for the ventricle to
      fill which in turn should increase the volume of blood
      pumped from the heart. Atenolol, in many cases, works
      to reduce the obstruction. In fact, if your boy has a
      heart murmur, it may disappear after a few months of
      treatment. Some kitties don't do well with atenolol,
      but it will take a bit of time for Luke to adjust to
      the meds. If things don't seem quite right after a
      couple of weeks, talk to your vet/cardiologist about
      other treatment possibilities.

      HCM does not progress the same way in all kitties. So
      guessing at prognosis is not always a worthwhile
      activity. Some cats remain stable for years and
      others progress rapidly to congestive heart failure.
      But even then, some kitties do relatively well for
      extended time even with CHF. It sound very positive
      that your cardiologist thinks Luke has several more
      years to be with you.

      Try to focus on making time for your Luke and playing
      with him and loving him as much as possible. Others
      here will have advice for you regarding
      supplementation. It is my understanding that unless
      the kitty has gone into CHF, most cardiologists do not
      think that change to a low-sodium diet is beneficial.
      Also, to not be afraid to play with Luke. He will
      limit the amount he plays according to what his heart
      can handle.

      Nala, Camille and Cozette (heart kitty)

      --- amy13501971 <amy1350@...> wrote:

      > Hi -
      > I've never joined an online support group before,
      > but then again I've
      > never had a cat with heart disease before. Luke is
      > a 5 1/2 year old
      > male who makes me smile. He was just diagnosed with
      > Hypertrophic
      > Obstructive Cardiomyopathy. I don't know what to
      > do. The thought of
      > him not being with me is almost more then I can
      > bear.
      > The cardiologist prescribed 1/4 tablet of a beta
      > blocker called
      > Atenolol twice a day. Does this usually help? Is
      > there anything else
      > that can be done? Should I start Luke on a low
      > sodium diet?
      > What's the typical prognosis? The cardiologist
      > thought Luke would live
      > another 3 1/2 years.
      > Amy

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