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  • Lisa Clarizia
    Dec 27, 2006
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      Hi Maryanne,

      Welcome to the list! And bless you for the work that you do.

      I lost my Baby Boy to DCM just over a year ago, and just about two months
      ago, adopted Lilly who has HCM/VSD from a foster mom in Ohio who had joined
      this list to find out more about how to care for her. My other three cats
      are healthy, and while the whole heart-disease thing was something I never
      thought I'd want to repeat, I felt like it was a shame to waste all the
      things I'd learned about caring for a heart-kitty, especially when there
      were so many out there that needed homes.

      All of the people here are the kind who would do damn near anything to help
      their kitties -- the ones who don't feel that way are not the kind who spend
      all night after the initial diagnosis combing the internet for information,
      eventually stumbling across this list (which is how about 99% of our new
      member find us) -- so you'll find most of us are perfectly willing to do the
      cardiologist thing, though cost and distance often present obstacles.

      Cost, of course, is a major factor. If there were some way to alleviate
      this -- maybe through an arrangement with a local cardiologist or by
      (somehow) financially assisting potential adopters with the cost -- you
      might find a wider pool of potential adopters. There are creative ways to
      do this -- my niece and her second-grade class, for example, are
      "sponsoring" a dog at a local shelter -- bringing in dog food etc. to be
      donated to the shelter for the dog, until he's adopted. I imagine that it's
      difficult enough to get donations to cover regular operational costs for
      your organization, but perhaps you might find some people or businesses more
      willing to sponsor an individual animal, as it's more personal.

      But there's also the question of the ability of the adopter to care for a
      pet with a chronic illness. Lilly's foster mom, Moriah, could be pretty
      sure that Lilly was going to a home where she would get her meds, get them
      on time, get regular checkups and be cared for by someone who basically knew
      what she was doing -- because I'd been through it before. I suppose the
      best thing you could do with potenial adopters is to make sure they are very
      aware of all this entails -- that meds cannot be skipped, the cat will need
      to have regular checkups etc -- and of course, point them towards this list


      On 12/27/06, feralcatz1 <catrescueofmd@...> wrote:
      > Hello, everyone!
      > I just wanted to introduce myself. New to the group but I'm not new
      > to heart disease in cats unfortunately. My first two were diagnosed
      > around 1988 and I've never had fewer than 2 under the care of a
      > cardiologist ever since (usually more like 4-6).
      > It almost seems like an epidemic. I do rescue work and we have so
      > many permanent fosters with HCM and so many that we still hope to
      > place who have heart murmurs that we've organized them into 4 groups
      > and are doing quarterly cardiology visits. We're slowly finding
      > homes for the ones not on meds but it's SLOW - it just scares people
      > so much - and the cost of the cardiologist visit we're learning is a
      > major turnoff.
      > I take my purrsonal pets at the same time as we take the rescues. At
      > the moment in the purrsonal pet heart problem department I have
      > Bandit, AJ, McMurphy and Wilhemina on meds (atenelol)and Missy,
      > Gordy, Lindy Byrd and Mehdi with heart murmurs not on meds (yet
      > anyway).
      > I wanted to come here and starting reading messages. To see what
      > else I can learn about murmurs and heart disease. And also to get
      > more of a feeling about how pet owners view the cardiologist
      > process. Anything I can learn that will help me explain the heart
      > murmur/cardiologist situation better to prospective parents (I feel
      > like a recording sometimes) and to be better able to screen
      > prospective parents and determine out which ones will really follow
      > up on the care can only help our effort. Any thoughts anyone has
      > would be gratefully accepted.
      > We are blessed to have access to Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology
      > Associates.
      > Maryanne Dubbs, Cat Rescue of Maryland

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