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  • feralcatz1
    Dec 27 9:57 AM
      Hello, everyone!

      I just wanted to introduce myself. New to the group but I'm not new
      to heart disease in cats unfortunately. My first two were diagnosed
      around 1988 and I've never had fewer than 2 under the care of a
      cardiologist ever since (usually more like 4-6).

      It almost seems like an epidemic. I do rescue work and we have so
      many permanent fosters with HCM and so many that we still hope to
      place who have heart murmurs that we've organized them into 4 groups
      and are doing quarterly cardiology visits. We're slowly finding
      homes for the ones not on meds but it's SLOW - it just scares people
      so much - and the cost of the cardiologist visit we're learning is a
      major turnoff.

      I take my purrsonal pets at the same time as we take the rescues. At
      the moment in the purrsonal pet heart problem department I have
      Bandit, AJ, McMurphy and Wilhemina on meds (atenelol)and Missy,
      Gordy, Lindy Byrd and Mehdi with heart murmurs not on meds (yet

      I wanted to come here and starting reading messages. To see what
      else I can learn about murmurs and heart disease. And also to get
      more of a feeling about how pet owners view the cardiologist
      process. Anything I can learn that will help me explain the heart
      murmur/cardiologist situation better to prospective parents (I feel
      like a recording sometimes) and to be better able to screen
      prospective parents and determine out which ones will really follow
      up on the care can only help our effort. Any thoughts anyone has
      would be gratefully accepted.

      We are blessed to have access to Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology

      Maryanne Dubbs, Cat Rescue of Maryland
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