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2605Re: [feline-heart] FW: Widgie's much better

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  • the chunns
    Jun 11, 2001
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      Hi Z,

      I am so glad to hear Widgie is feeling better. My kitty improved and had
      a really good quality of life for quite some time once he started on the
      Give Widgie a hug for me!

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      Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 9:39 AM
      Subject: [feline-heart] FW: Widgie's much better

      > Thank you so much for the outpouring of support...it means so much. I have
      > decided to get a PC for my home within the next few weeks. I was going to
      > it anyway when I retired, but I might as well do it now!
      > Widgie has been improving each day. Now she is back to her regular raw and
      > premium canned food diet. I started the COQ 10 yesterday. She is on Lasix
      > and they will be giving her Atenolol starting this week. I'm doing my
      > research and trying to work out a program of supps, etc. I liked what
      > Goldstein said in The Nature of Animal Healing about heart disease...that
      > was glad to have the allo drugs because he felt in this case you may need
      > them. But he also uses herbs and homeopathics for added support. That
      > pretty much follows my own thinking.
      > Widgie hadn't left the bed following Thursday's crisis. I even had the
      > litter up there for her. Then last night she came into the den and watched
      > TV with me. This morning she was purring when I petted her, then she saw
      > something...I think a moth, and ran across the bed, then jumped down. That
      > was the most energy I've seen in a long time! She ate her raw foodies and
      > some pumpkin since she hasn't gone yet since the crisis. I bought a bag of
      > the new Eagle Holistic kibbles as a bribe to get her to eat. She went
      > for them. So I give it as a treat after her pill.
      > I still can't understand how this happened relatively suddenly. She had a
      > cardiac ultrasound only SIX weeks ago when I got a second opinion of her
      > coughing. The said her heart had minor changes consistent with a cat her
      > age. There was a very small amount of fluid. The vet mentioned it but
      > think it worthy of treatment since her previous ultrasounds, before and
      > following her I131 treatment in 1999, were pretty much the same. Yes, I'm
      > sure the hyperthyroid had some effect. Her current T4 is 1.9. But I think
      > the stress of the last week had something to do with it worsening. When I
      > think of how long I've been saying to the vet, she's tired, she's
      > she's just not herself...this could all have been due to her heart. Thank
      > God we found out before she had a massive stroke or something.
      > Thanks again for all your good energies and advice...I'm sure Widgie is
      > benefiting from it!
      > z
      > ps. I have a human friend with severe asthma who is on Atenolol with no
      > problem. He said it is one of the older but safest beta blockers. I'll
      > mention this to the vet, since Widgie has asthma.
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