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  • Stacey
    Dec 4, 2006
      OK Cringer was a cat that did not like to be held or bothered we
      thought that was part of his personality but we learned it was a
      sympton and we didn't even know it, since he has been on his
      medication he is more alert, playful and very affectionate, he seems
      happy all around. He had his follow up appointment from being
      diagnosed and given medication, I told his Vet about how he was
      doing she was happy to hear it and said that those could be
      symptons, My husband believe it too cause he has know people that
      have had heart problems and became moody and cranky. She listened to
      his heart three times, I was scared cause she wasn't saying anything
      but when she was done and smiled and me she said I can barely hear
      the murmur I was so happy I let out a loud "YES" she said he was
      doing wonderful. I tell you I felt like I was on cloud nine, I was
      crying from the happiness. We take him back in another 2 months to
      the cardiologist so she can look at his heart again but the Vet told
      me to keep him on the medicine as I have been doing which is 1/4
      tablet of Aetonl twice a day and 1 tbsp on a Multi Vitamin cause she
      said its working. Now hopefull when we take him back to the
      cardiologist she will tell us there is not anymore thickening that
      last time. Thanks to all of you who kept us in your thoughts and
      prayers its seems to be working.

      Stacey , Dan , Jasper( >^^<) and Cringer(>^^<) .
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