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26031Re: blood clots in veins vs. arteries

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  • christina suzanne
    Dec 2, 2006
      1. Thanks, Debby, for such a understandable
      explanation about the difference between the clots. I
      was always confused, but won't be again.

      2. A shaking paw story: Within a month of Isabel's
      recovery from her saddle thrombosis, I was sitting on
      the couch reading and she was walking by the doorway
      of the room. She picked up her front paw and started
      shaking it, then she walked away. I completely
      panicked. As I ran for the Lovenox, I snagged my sock
      on a splinter in the floor at the doorway. I shook my
      foot to disengage the splinter and realized I had just
      made the identical motion (shakeshakeshake) as Isabel
      had moments before.

      Needless to say, no Lovenox injection for either of

      The splinter hurt, though, and I might have bitten my
      foot if I could've reached it!

      Do you Yahoo!?
      Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.
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