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25608Re: which Potassium should I use

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  • betty_boop_ct
    Nov 5, 2006
      Hi Vickie,

      I use the RenaKare for Smokey. It's a gel. The label says 2mEq (468
      mg) potassium gluconate = 1/2 tsp. A tube costs about $16 and lasts
      about 6 weeks. He gets 1/4 tsp. per day in Fancy Feast which he
      gobbles up.

      I understand there is a powder form available that can be bought at
      nutritional stores that costs less. The cardiovet said that it has
      a bitter, metallic taste to it and alot of cats don't like it. I
      never tried it with Smokey so I can't comment. He hated the
      compounded tuna flavored chewable potassium.

      Lisa, Smokey and Caz

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Vickie" <VickieJunger@...>
      > Ok, after I reply about Potassium my vet clld and suggested after
      > last blood
      > test he should have a small amt of Potassium, this is based on the
      > #'s
      > going up. I gave him a copy of the lab wk and I don't know what
      the girls
      > did w/it.
      > So I gave him the Potassium #'s. I then clld my cardio vet, cause
      > cardio vet that
      > saw Baby before said not to give it to him. The new cardio vet
      say a small
      > amt
      > wouldn't hurt to give him not that his # had drop, the others went
      > OK so which Potassium seem to be the choice one by cats? The
      cardio vet
      > said
      > to give him 2 mEq. She said it was ok to use what I can get at
      the drug
      > store or
      > at my reg vet. The one at the store had 550/595 mg. I was told
      that 2 mEq
      > is
      > eq to 485 mg?
      > The other vet said he had a power and gel, I think.
      > Vickie
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