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  • betty_boop_ct
    Nov 5, 2006
      My dear Smokey was first diagnosed with heart disease after I took him
      to the vet because he sounded like he was trying to hack-up a hairball
      for about 6 days. His coughing was a result of enviromental asthma
      which was diagnosed via transtracheal aspiration. This procedure
      involved the vet getting a sample of his mucous/sputum from his lungs
      and then this was analyzed by a lab. I opted for this procedure
      because there was a definitive way to tell if his asthma was viral,
      bacterial or environmental and given his newly diagnosed heart
      condition, I wasn't comfortable with trial and error of using
      medications. His heart disease was not related to his coughing.

      You may want to do an enviromental check of your home and determine if
      any type of cleaning products, smoking, air freshers, and such can be
      a factor. I even went as far as changing the type of cleaning litter
      to a more natural type (Sweat Scoop).

      He was also tested for heartworm which was negative and coughing can
      be a symptom of this too.

      Please talk with your vet further if you are concerned.

      Lisa--and my dear heart kitty Smokey and his supportive brother Caz

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Betty Seni" <bmusical@...> wrote:
      > Did someone say that coughing is not necessarily related to heart
      troubles with cats? (I think someone said that with dogs, coughing is
      related to the heart, but not so with cats...?) My Max has been
      coughing alot lately (which upsets his stomach and makes him throw up)
      Could this be fluid related...or maybe something else, like allergies
      or hairballs?
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