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25601Re: [FH] Update on Sir Kay

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Nov 4, 2006

      Sounds like you have a great vet. It's nice when they're willing to work
      with you like that.

      If his back legs are weak but his pulse is good, then yes, it could be the
      medication. When I first started Pepper on her heart meds, she would get
      dizzy. She stopped doing stairs for a while until she felt comfortable

      The chest taps can be needed that often and there are some members of this
      list that have had to do it to keep things under control. Once all the meds
      kick in, that could change and you may not need to go so often or at all.
      We'll hope for the "not at all" part!

      I was getting compounded spironolactone and they just switched us over to
      spironolactone HCTZ. The pharmacist said that it can't be compounded with
      water because it will create formaldehyde. It's being compounded in tuna


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      From: "Dana Ginsberg" <dlginsberg@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2006 4:01 AM
      Subject: [FH] Update on Sir Kay

      > Thanks again and again to everyone their advice. Kay's vet was all
      > for trying the Rutin (which I picked up today), and is going to
      > contact the compounding pharmacy to set up the Spiro. Now if I can
      > just keep him out of the vet's office for more than a week!
      > One thing I've noticed in the last few weeks is that his back
      > hips/legs seem weaker and less stable. Anyone else had issues with
      > this? He's over 17, so I know it can be old age, but it does seem as
      > though he a bit shakier all of a sudden. The vet says the pulse in
      > both rear legs is nice and strong. Any chance this is just a side
      > effect of his meds, i.e., he's a bit woozy from them? He's kind of
      > cute and walks across the livingroom crossing his legs like a runway
      > model, but I keep expecting him to tip over sideways. Also, he's had
      > his chest tapped 2x this week - I know this can go on for a while, but
      > is it common for this to happen every few days like it seems to be
      > with Kay?
      > BTW, at the moment I can't say enough about my vet, yesterday she only
      > charged me for the recheck, not the tap. I just hope she's a keeper
      > and luck holds out - I'm down to using the rent money for the vet. Eek!
      > Dana