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  • Renalie Bailey
    Nov 4, 2006
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      Hi Leah.

      >>>>>>>I am so glad you stood your ground and used your voice for
      Wolfgang. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wolfgang! Excellent!

      Thank you! You gave me a lot of support, I'm glad I did it. I
      confronted his cardiologist on the phone. Wolfgang was not doing well,
      and no one was calling me back. I left a demanding message at the
      cardiologist's department, and was called back immediately. It was an
      ugly, uncomfortable conversation. It ended with his cardiologist
      telling me that I have to take responsibility for the research I do.
      He clearly let me know that he was against putting Wolfgang on an ACE
      I, and it was now on my head.

      We had a follow up appointment two weeks later. It was quite awkward
      at first. When his cardiologist saw how poorly Wolfgang was doing, his
      demeanor quickly changed. This was Wolfgangs fifth appointment in two
      months. We keep upping his Lasix, but it just doesn't seem to be
      working anymore. I came prepared to this visit with a list of
      questions, and armed with my Merck Veterinary manual. I had
      highlighted articles of interest, and paper clipped these pages for
      easy access.

      His cardiologist was now impressed. I think he realized that I was
      serious and devoted to the best care for Wolfgang.

      We did a blood test to make sure his kidneys were ok. I am pleased to
      report that two weeks post enalapril, Wolfgangs creatinine went down!
      It was at 3.4, and was now at 2.9. His Bun was even better.

      Unfortunately his x-rays showed a lot of fluid in his lungs. More
      fluid then in the previous four visits. This appointment took three
      hours. His cardiologist was trying really hard to work with me now.
      He even brought out his books with more recent articles for me to read.
      He told me he was open to switching diuretics if I want, but
      recommended getting Wolfgang out of CHF first.

      He phoned me last week to check in. I reported that Wolfgang was not
      eating well, and his resps were still a bit labored. That is when he
      brought up Pimobendan. He told me it was for DCM, but helps with CHF.
      He also said that it helps increase appetite, and was good for kidney
      function. He invited me to research pimobendan on my own (wow! times
      sure have changed) and report any concerns back to him. He stressed
      that he has not used this drug on a HCM cat, but thought it was worth a

      >>>>>>>>You seem upset that Wolfgang is still in CHF. He may have this
      battle with CHF for the rest of his life. Although it can resolve with
      some kitties, it doesn't always. It does sound like the lasix may need
      to be upped or given 3x/day instead of 2x/day.

      I guess all of these visits are taking their toll on me. Wolfgang was
      doing so well this summer. It was a blow to find out that his HCM was
      not resolved with the I131. I secretly believed that he just needed
      more time. His regular vet told me that sometimes it can take as long
      as 8 months to see significant improvement post I131.

      It was September 1st that Wolfgang went into CHF. We keep giving him
      more Lasix, but he is slowly getting worse. After each appointment
      (with an injection of lasix) I go home feeling like I did a good thing.
      I hate tripling his lasix, but believe it will help, so it's
      frustrating watching him get worse.

      Leah, thank you for the suggestion of giving him lasix 3x a day. I
      think that will help.

      >>>>>>It often takes a while to get the lasix dosage just right and it
      will change over time too. Don't get upset over this. This is normal.

      This is why I love this group. I didn't know this was normal.

      Thank you again Leah. I really appreciate the info you take the time
      to share.

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