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  • Renalie Bailey
    Nov 4, 2006
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      Hello there Nala.
      Wolfgang weighs 12 lbs, but has slowly been losing weight. His
      cardiologist told me that we could go all the way up to 40mg of Lasix
      daily. He is taking 11mgs 2x a day now, but I have been given
      permission to give him more as needed. We had a pretty good week, but
      today his resps were pretty high so I gave him an extra 8mg mid day.
      His breathing has improved.

      >>>>>>>>You might also ask about
      spironolactone (an aldosterone receptor antagonist)
      that also has diuretic effects.

      His cardiologist is finally open to a different combo of diuretics. I
      am going to have a phone conference with him on Monday to discuss
      Pimobendan, and I am going to also ask to start him onTorasemide.

      Thank you for wishing Wolfie a happy birthday.

      I did a Pimobendan search on this list, and it really helped, so thank
      you for your suggestion.

      I also wanted to thank you for posting the info on torasemide. I will
      share whatever info I get with this group.

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