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  • nala nala
    Nov 3, 2006

      Coughing can indicate heart trouble or other problems,
      as other folks have already mentioned. It is just
      that kitties with heart trouble often don't cough.
      Dogs with heart trouble are more likely to cough than
      cats with heart trouble. I hope this clears things
      up. . .

      One of my kitties coughs when she has a hairball.
      She stretches out her neck and coughs and coughs and
      then swallows very hard. She rarely manages to bring
      the hairball up - but in a day or two i usually find a
      stool full of hair after one of these episodes. That
      said, I would certainly get Max checked out ASAP. It
      sounds as though his coughing is quite forceful if he
      is wretching. I would look to make sure that you
      don't see anything stuck in his throat and get him in
      to the vet.

      -Nala, Camille and Cozette

      --- Betty Seni <bmusical@...> wrote:

      > Did someone say that coughing is not necessarily
      > related to heart troubles with cats? (I think
      > someone said that with dogs, coughing is related to
      > the heart, but not so with cats...?) My Max has
      > been coughing alot lately (which upsets his stomach
      > and makes him throw up) Could this be fluid
      > related...or maybe something else, like allergies or
      > hairballs?
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      > removed]

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