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  • Leah Ferron
    Nov 2, 2006
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      I am so glad you stood your ground and used your voice for Wolfgang. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wolfgang! Excellent!

      You seem upset that Wolfgang is still in CHF. He may have this battle with CHF for the rest of his life. Although it can resolve with some kitties, it doesn't always. It does sound like the lasix may need to be upped or given 3x/day instead of 2x/day. A lot of kitties do better given the same amount of lasix spread out in 3 doses rather than 2. The lasix works in their body for about 6 hours after dosage. Sometimes when you wait 12 hours between dosing, rather than 8 hours, the fluid builds up more than the lasix can keep up with. I hope you understand hwat I am writing, I know it can be explained better than this.

      Your vet was also disappointed with no improvement. I think it is GREAT that there wasn't progression of the disease! There really is no cure for HCM so all we can hope for is slowed to no progression and Wolfgang has that! That is good! Don't let your vet get you down about Wolfgang's condition. It often takes a while to get the lasix dosage just right and it will change over time too. Don't get upset over this. This is normal. I think it is really good that his appetite is up and his respirations are down. You are on the right track.

      A few months back there was a gentleman in this group that was thinking about Pimobendan. I think ultimately he didn't use it on his kitty because like Wolfgang, his cat had HCM rather than DCM. Like Susan, he found that it was not recommended for HCM. HCM and DCM are different diseases and as such usually are treated differently with meds. I am not telling you not to use it, that is your decision. It will be risky because it is a drug that is not even tested on HCM kitties yet. You must decide if the risks are worth the benefits. If you decide to use this drug, I would be observing Wolfgang like a hawk and not be afraid to take him to the ER should the need arise. I would ask your vet about what bad side effects you should be looking for when Wolfgang is given this drug. Make sure this vet isn't using your pet for a science project so that he can publish findings for his benefit. This may sound cynical but it is worth asking the question. Ask why the vet thinks it will
      work for HCM when studies have only said it works for DCM.

      If you decide to use this drug, we will back you up 100%. We will cheer for you and Wolfgang. You could help a lot of kitties but be sure you are ready. Please keep us informed of your decision and Wolfgang's progess.

      As far as your question about salmon oil and vitamin E, I know there are a lot of people that give their kitties fish oils and I am not sure about the vitamin E. I hope this helps.

      Leah and her cats and Angel Alec

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