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25253Re: Max is gone

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  • pharosmommy
    Oct 1 7:22 PM
      Dear Tallulah, I am so sorry you lost Max. I know you two fought a
      tough battle and I guess Max just got tired. It was his time to go to
      Rainbow Bridge with the other furbabies. Please don't beat yourself
      up over doing the right thing. You did do the right thing for Max.
      He was suffering greatly and you allowed him to have peace. Wouldn't
      it be nice if we had the same respect for humans? I think so.
      Anyway, it's not a nice feeling when you can't breathe and it sounded
      like they couldn't stablize Max. I know you did everything in your
      power for him and I'm sure he is looking down from kitty heaven
      smiling at his Mommy. He loved you and always will. He knows you
      will never forget him. Just know you will see each other again
      someday and he will be waiting to pounce in your arms. Take care of
      yourself, Tallulah and know your little boy is at peace. He is in a
      better place now and I'm sure he isn't having any fluid in his lungs,
      or difficulty breathing...he is playing with the other furbabies who
      have passed. Check this website out...
      Ok, please email me if you need to talk and just remember, it's ok to
      cry and cry and cry, and get pissed & depressed, and cry some
      more...we are all here for you.
      Andrea & Pharo
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