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24619Re: [FH] Sprite died this morning

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  • dehandley@cox.net
    Aug 3, 2006

      I am sorry that Sprite is gone. It's certainly difficult, more than difficult, and at times you just feel like your grief will consume you. The missing them is hard because of the joy they brought to every moment of your life while they were around. They always take a piece of us with them, and we will never be the same.

      hang in there, it does get better, but you never ever forget or go without a day of thinking of them.
      Darlene E. Handley
      Mom to Boone the tuxedo kitty - the gremlin head: what a soul he had. Boone Esau-Handley: April 2001-Dec 2005. May he rest in peace. And Spook - 1980 - 1998 - what a journey we had. Both are dearly missed.

      ---- Peggy G <peggyg1@...> wrote:
      > Too sad to post anything more - Peg
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