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2436Doors and cats [feline-heart] Re: First Kidney Check

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  • diane
    May 2, 2001
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      >--- In feline-heart@y..., diane <diane@m...> wrote:
      >> You must be one of those people who always say as someone walks in
      >> the house "make sure that door is SHUT!"
      >Diane--how did you know???!

      Just a hunch from an overprotective cat mom who yells that multiple
      times a week when someone happens to come over! (probably why we
      don't get many visitors) :)

      Don't you hate when people go to leave and then stop to talk half way
      out and keep the door open?

      "In or out, I don't care, but close the damn door!"

      I'm lucky that Tim is as much against letting them out as I am, but i
      am by far the one that yells more about it. I don't care if the
      screen door slams, as long as it closes *quickly*

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