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2435Re: First Kidney Check

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  • gea@alumni.duke.edu
    May 2, 2001
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      --- In feline-heart@y..., diane <diane@m...> wrote:
      > You must be one of those people who always say as someone walks in
      > the house "make sure that door is SHUT!"

      Diane--how did you know???!

      Malcolm was as stray and deathly ill with Feline Herpes at about 3
      mos. when I adopted him. Apparently, if he got out he could pass it
      on, etc. But I am pretty tuned into when the door is open (which it
      isn't for long!) When he does sneak out, though, he usually just
      sniffs the grass then we pick him up. I just don't know if he'd let
      someone he didn't know as well do that.

      Gail (Malcolm's overprotective mom)

      > I'm the same way. I've been lucky in the past as my neighbors also
      > don't let their cat out (and he does try)so they are used to it.
      > Also all of mine were good about not going near the door, but now
      > Kali (youngest) has no fear and almost got out on me last week.
      > :( Her claws were stuck on the screen and I opened the door to
      > her, she got down and sauntered out on the deck. Got about 1' away
      > and after my shock wore off she was dumped back inside. I hope
      > grow out of it, for now we stomp at her when we are using the doors.
      > Guess I'll have to keep the inside door closed if having someone
      > watch them.
      > Diane
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