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2430Re: First Kidney Check

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  • gea@alumni.duke.edu
    May 1 7:20 PM
      Thanks, I know I'll find someone. It's not that tough a job! I've been
      notoriously picky about kitty sitters (it's got to be someone
      responsible who won't let him bolt out the door, who won't forget to
      come, someone who likes cats or at least animals, who will maybe pay
      him some attention...), and I guess I'll either have to get less picky
      or just start paying. The friend I've been trading kitty-sitting with
      is camping this weekend and also won't accept money... I'll do some
      more asking around in the next day or so. He's my *baby*, though. I
      know you all know about that!

      --- In feline-heart@y..., "Mike & Linda Irrgang" <irrgang@a...> wrote:
      > hi gail,
      > yes, travel can be a problem...don't you have any folks around duke
      > who would be interested in making a little extra money??? we finally
      > found a great girl at my husband's office and she helps us babysit
      > the great pumpkin.....keep checking around and that "just right"
      > person will turn up when you least expect it!
      > good luck with mighty malcolm....it sounds like he's lucky to have
      > such a great mom!

      Thank you. My fiance says in his next life he'd like to come back as
      my cat. :)

      > linda and the boys

      Hello to you 'n' yours,

      Gail & The Malcster
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