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2427RE: [feline-heart] First Kidney Check

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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    May 1, 2001
      hi gail,

      yes, travel can be a problem...don't you have any folks around duke who
      would be interested in making a little extra money??? we finally found a
      great girl at my husband's office and she helps us babysit the great
      pumpkin.....keep checking around and that "just right" person will turn up
      when you least expect it!

      good luck with mighty malcolm....it sounds like he's lucky to have such a
      great mom!

      linda and the boys

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      Subject: [feline-heart] First Kidney Check

      Hello, all,

      We got Malcolm's first bloodwork since he's been on the Lasix and
      Atenolol (3 wks now) yesterday. Looks like some things are kind of
      creeping up a bit:

      Baseline Current Normal
      -------- ------- ------

      CREAT 1.2 1.7 < 2.4 OK
      BUN 26 37 < 36 just over normal
      Amylase 999 1214 < 1200 high
      Potassium 4.1 4.2 < 5.6 OK

      I wasn't familiar w/ Amylase, but I guess it's something that's
      eliminated by the kidneys--not quite as direct an indicator as

      So... my regular vet is going to check with the specialist on which
      drug to bump down, if either... and we'll check again in a week. I
      guess if he's stable at these values, we may not change anything.

      My current dilemma is that we're going away for a weekend which has
      been set up for months... just from Sat. am. to Sun. pm, and all my
      usual kitty-sitters are either on a camping trip or otherwise out of
      town! I am in the process of getting recommendations for professional
      kitty-sitters but haven't gotten any great ones yet. My vet said
      missing a single dose of either drug was "no big deal". Is this your

      What I'll probably do is mix at least one of the two doses in canned
      food, label it, and put it in the fridge and ask a neighbor to come by
      and just lay it out for him. Administering meds twice a day, for a
      longer trip, is just a little too much to ask a friend... Fortunately
      this is a very short trip. Has anyone come up with any creative
      solutions to this problem? I think I'll just be traveling a lot less,
      which isn't much to begin with.

      Oh, the hair loss... Malcolm is losing lots of hair, probalby due to
      stress (and the season)... but the spot on his thigh... was shaved by
      the vet--d'oh! I guess I'll just give him lots of TLC and wait for it
      to pass.

      Sorry this has been so long--thanks so much for your experience and
      encouragement with this!

      Gail & Malcolm the Magnificent

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