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24268Re: Slippery elm bark - what meds is this recommended with?

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  • taloah2000
    Jul 4, 2006
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      Thank you Sue - I will pick some up for my boy. Although he could
      probably stand to lose maybe 2 lbs as he's already 15 lbs and won't
      be a yr till later this month (and Dexter looked perfect at 12 lbs),
      I hate for him to do it because his tummy hurts.

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Sue at MAGDRL <susan@...> wrote:
      > Lisa,
      > I found that over time, all of Pepper's medications & supplements
      > upsetting her stomach. SEB soothes the stomach and helps relieve
      > discomfort. I mixed a small pinch in with her food and also added
      a bit of
      > water since it tends to absorb a lot of water. That way, the food
      > get too "dry" in comparison to its normal moisture content.
      > I can't say that it's recommended with specific medications - just
      that it
      > helps with the stomach upset that some of them cause.
      > Since SEB coats the digestive tract, you don't want to give it
      > before giving medication (about an hour) since it will lessen the
      amount of
      > medication that gets absorbed.
      > I bought mine in bulk from a local health food store. They have a
      bin of
      > the Frontier brand and you just take what you want. You can also
      buy it in
      > capsules.
      > Sue
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      > From: "taloah2000" <lisabee@...>
      > To: "Sue at MAGDRL" <susan@...>
      > Sent: Monday, July 03, 2006 11:20 PM
      > Subject: Re: Slippery elm bark - what meds is this recommended with?
      > I was digging through some of the posts looking for what this is for
      > specifically, since Cameron's appetite is way WAY down since he
      > diltiazem twice a day to his atenolol. I did get the vet to agree to
      > keeping him on 7.5 mg 2x/day instead of ramping up to 15 mg - we are
      > supposed to stay at this dose for a week and reevaluate - apparently
      > there's another med that may sit better with him. But will Pepcid or
      > SEB help bring back my guy's appetite?
      > Thank you,
      > Lisa, obsessively worried kitty mama to sweet angel Dexter, brother
      > Cameron, Gracie, and Shamrock
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