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23969Re: [FH] Hurricanes and heart kitties

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Jun 5, 2006

      Although we are rarely affected by hurricanes here in the northeast, I did
      have an incident this past winter when the power went out for an extended
      period and it made me seriously think about that issue. It was bitterly
      cold and the inside temperature was down in the 50s. I could see it was
      starting to affect Pepper and I got ready to go. That's when the power came
      back on.

      I have all her vet records and complete care instructions in a folder. That
      includes a list of all her medications and a "packing list" for her
      necessities. I try to keep things in one spot so if I had to grab them and
      run, it wouldn't be that bad to gather together.

      The list includes medication, vet records & care instructions, food, bottled
      water, bowls, litter box & litter, bedding along with a crate and collar
      (with ID) / leash. Make sure you have stuff for yourself like clothes,
      food, water, phone and money.

      You also need to know where to go. If you don't have friends or relatives
      in a safer area, check for pet-friendly hotels ahead of time -

      Always look at areas further than you expect to go since you'll probably
      have to go far to find a place with a vacancy.

      The experience did scare me and it certainly wasn't an emergency.


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      > I was wondering if anyone else lives in hurricane country, and if so how
      > you deal with possible evacuations, loss of power etc with your heart
      > kitties. They keep telling us to be ready for bad hurricanes and have an
      > evacuation plan this year in the Houston Texas area.
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