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23405Re: update on Baby, need advise-repley bk 2 Robin

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  • rn1durham
    Apr 2, 2006
      Hi Vickie!

      Yeah, I would be concerned about the potassium, too. The fact that it
      has gone down is not surprising given his age and the renal failure.
      Supplementation is very simple (Leah had some good suggestions); I use
      Tumil-K which I get from my vet in pill form. I would definitely talk
      to your vet about getting it started.

      His kidney values don't really look that bad -- it looks like they
      went up initially from the medicine, and then down again, especially
      his BUN. For everything that is happening to him it looks like the
      CRF is being managed well. The vet seems to be monitoring him
      closely. It is anyone's guess how long his kidneys can hang on but
      they seem to be OK, and you are definitely doing everything you can to

      If his kidneys do worsen, sub-cutaneous IV therapy is an option.
      Someone else might know (I don't) if this is contraindicated in CHF.

      Enalapril is an ACE-inhibitor; the kidneys can benefit too. My cat
      with CRF is on benezepril specifically for her kidneys and doing well.

      The higher glucose numbers could be the medicine or just a fluctuation
      of the disease. I don't know if diuretics affect diabetes. I can't
      tell from your note if he is getting two injections a day (every 12
      hours) but if not, he might benefit from having it spread out. If the
      high numbers continue, he might need an adjustment in insulin dose to
      keep him in balance. Call the vet if they continue to be high.

      Good luck!


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "vickie" <VickieJunger@...> wrote:
      > I'm concerned about him having kidney problems, no w/this new pill.
      Also if his meds have keep being up
      > how long can his kidneys hang. I'm also concerned that when he was
      first Dx in 4/05 his K (potassium)
      > was about 4.7. He is 1 point below normal. I understand when the
      bdy gets low on K that it will pull it
      > from the mussels and that is what also causes the wasting away of
      the body.
      > Strange thing is that his last 3 blood test should his GLC to be
      very high. I know that stress can cause the
      > # to go up, but I'm told not as high as his. So I tested him
      yesterday, and he had great #. In the morning
      > 12 hrs after inj he was 146. at 12pm he was 215 and at 7pm 274. So
      I don't know what is going on. I even
      > open another thing of strips in case what I had went bad. Or this
      new pill has caused him to have lower #
      > some how. I just don't want him to go hypo on me now, but he eats
      through out the day, so I hope he should
      > be ok.
      > Vickie
      > -----------------------------------
      > Vickie,
      > My heart goes out to you and Baby. Those are a lot of illnesses to
      manage! His renal values don't look bad.
      > I imagine that giving diuretics to a cat with CRF must be done with
      > Has your vet advised you about potassium? What complications are
      you concerned about regarding supplementation?
      > (diabetes and thrombus?) I think the low normal for potassium is
      3.8 (maybe?) so it's not horribly out of range.
      > I have a CRF cat who takes potassium and is doing very well.
      Hopethat helps!
      > Robin
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