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23403Re: update on Baby, need advise-repley bk 2 Robin

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  • vickie
    Apr 2, 2006
      I'm concerned about him having kidney problems, no w/this new pill. Also if his meds have keep being up
      how long can his kidneys hang. I'm also concerned that when he was first Dx in 4/05 his K (potassium)
      was about 4.7. He is 1 point below normal. I understand when the bdy gets low on K that it will pull it
      from the mussels and that is what also causes the wasting away of the body.

      Strange thing is that his last 3 blood test should his GLC to be very high. I know that stress can cause the
      # to go up, but I'm told not as high as his. So I tested him yesterday, and he had great #. In the morning
      12 hrs after inj he was 146. at 12pm he was 215 and at 7pm 274. So I don't know what is going on. I even
      open another thing of strips in case what I had went bad. Or this new pill has caused him to have lower #
      some how. I just don't want him to go hypo on me now, but he eats through out the day, so I hope he should
      be ok.


      My heart goes out to you and Baby. Those are a lot of illnesses to manage! His renal values don't look bad.
      I imagine that giving diuretics to a cat with CRF must be done with delicacy.

      Has your vet advised you about potassium? What complications are you concerned about regarding supplementation?
      (diabetes and thrombus?) I think the low normal for potassium is 3.8 (maybe?) so it's not horribly out of range.

      I have a CRF cat who takes potassium and is doing very well. Hopethat helps!


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