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23400update on Baby, need advise

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  • vickie
    Apr 1, 2006
      To recap Baby is about 15-18 yrs old, He was Dx w/Diabetes 3/05 and CHF/HCM 4/05, 8/05 Re-Dx w/RCM/CHF
      Main concern here is Potassium for me.

      Baby had his 6 mo ECG f/up. Notes his heart disease has stayed the same. The left ventricle is mildly hypertrophied and the
      left atrium is severely enlarged. There is no SAM or thrombi seen on 2-D. The right ventricle and right atrium are mildly enlarged.
      All valves are grossly normal. Contractility is normal?
      x-rays: mild diffuse interstitial pattern, venous distension,cardiomegaly
      blood test: Bun 33, CRT 1.7, Potassium 3.6.
      The cardio vet added a 3rd diuretic Hydrochlorothiazide 1/4 at night. repeat blood test in one week.

      Test Bun 62 CRT 3.0 Potassium 3.3
      Cardio vet told me to keep Baby on new meds and retest in one week, if numbers same keep on meds, if worse take him off.

      Test Bun 44 CRT 2.9 was told by my vet to leave him on his meds, I should hear from the cardio vet this Sunday.

      Baby is on Lasix 18.75 TID, Sprionolactone 6.25 SID, Enalapril 2.5 SID, Aspirin 20 mg EOD, 6.25 Hydrochlorothiazide, insulin BID

      Some History

      Spiroloactone stopped 9/26/05
      Atenolo stoped 12/19/05 do to maybe have been causing him to have breathing problems (side effect)
      Spiroloactone stated again 12/19/06
      Hydrochlorot stated 3/19/06 because of mild congestion in xrays to prevent CHF

      Left me know if you need more info

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