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22768Thank-You Everyone!!!...from Brian, Kelly, Johnny and Kiwi

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  • Brian and Kelly
    Jan 31, 2006
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      Words can not say how grateful we are to all of you that have
      expressed your condolences and have held us in your arms through
      prayer and positive thoughts!

      This is not easy and we have many empty days ahead with the last of
      the "naughty duo" passing on. We are able to find comfort in knowing
      they are back together again and are now both angels watching over
      us. We will reunite with them again someday...

      As others that are also recently going through their loss or losses,
      we completely understand the emptiness that is left behind and our
      hearts go out to you! Last night is the first night in 7.5 years
      that we had no "precious children" in bed with us. We miss them
      terribly and know others miss their babies too but we are at peace,
      deep down inside, that we loved our babies with all out hearts,
      cared for them with the utmost of love and now know they are also at
      peace and comfort after a wonderful life cut short by such a
      terrible disease. One response to us was so very true and so very
      comforting...she stated "sometimes their bodies can't match the
      strength of their spirit" and that is exactly what took Johnny home.
      His spirit was much stronger than his body was now able to handle.
      He, and his sister, are now both where their spirit can soar!

      We know someday that the enormous amount of love we have to give
      will be given again but we also know a love like this will never,
      ever be forgotten. Johnny was daddies soulmate maybe never to be
      matched again but someday, maybe sooner than later, we will love
      again and see.

      Our loving condelences go out the all of you at whatever phase in
      the disease you may be. Love them with all your heart, care for them
      with all you can and be at peace if and when they must go knowing
      you did!

      Thanks is not enough to you all...isn't love beautiful!!!

      In memory of our babies, a photo albumn of them has been posted
      entitled Johnny and Kiwi. We will miss our babies dearly but in our
      hearts they live forever!

      Brian, Kelly, Johnny and Kiwi