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22331food worries again...

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  • meyersandrea
    Jan 3, 2006
      hi and happy new year to everyone :)
      i am back to worrying about elsa and her food again
      she is snubbing all wet foods except pet gold (petco) with sardines or lobster etc-she wont
      touch meats/chicken etc (wet food) of any type--and at least pet gold seems to be not
      "horrible"..?? (tho it is not what i'd prefer her to "like"-i just hope i am doing the right thing
      by continuing to give this to her rather than just an all dry diet...but--im not sure if this is
      ofcourse i am trying -and will continue to try-mixing in wellness; pet gaurd; and other
      quality foods-and she did eat the pet gold with a tiny bit of wellness in it several times--
      but-not lately--even the smallest amount she detects right away-she just wont touch it.
      the dry food is the same (nutro and chicken soup for the cat lovers soul)-and at least it is
      not all fish. it has meat/chicken etc.
      it is so hard to know what to do
      again-i will continue to try to mix the wellness and other high quality wet foods-but-until
      this happens-is an all dry diet or stick with giving her the pet gold sardine/lobster etc 3x
      (she eats about a third of a small can each time-equaling about one small can a day) and i
      keep the dry food out-(i measure it-she eats about 1/4 cup a day)(tho despite not eating a
      ton-she is still a bit overwieght---which i do know has a lot to do with the dry food. she
      still loves to play-she is not overly active-but-...it is just hard...i want the best for her-and
      am patient-and want to lear all i can in order to do all i can for her--but-it isnt working...
      i guess i should be happy she is doing well on the atenolol-and has no problem with being
      pilled/and so on...but-i just cant settle--i still hope she will eventually accept the mixed
      sorry to go on...
      just worrying and not sure if i should do just dry or stay with what i am doing-dry and 3x
      petco pet gold (and still trying to sneak in the wellness etc...)
      thanks andrea and elsa