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  • rhbutlerjr@worldnet.att.net
    Mar 29, 2001
      I believe Jonnathan wants to know what disease I am talking
      about. I thought this was a group with heart problems of
      cardiomyapathy?? Mr t and Speedy both died from this. I have
      Sockster their brother who has had it 1.5 yrs. He had no
      symptoms we checked him with ultr sound all the other test ekg
      blood work xrays all great and the ulta sound showed he had it.
      Thanks to his litter mates he is on atenolol .25 mg and .25 baby
      asprin every 3 days. His heart mummur improved last year he
      had a little more loss of muscle but he was a year older. Its
      almost time for another check. We are lucky as our dr has the
      equipment and can take his blood pressure. He has an allergy
      type disease with a really long name and the treatment is steroid
      shot but I wont let him have it anymore because I am convinced
      that brought on Speedys death. I think if it is really nec you have
      to try it in some things . but it must me for a really big reason. Our
      vet is not a cardioligist but he has trainig in all of this and the
      equipement and he was lucky to have this extra specalty from his
      years at purdue university and of course this is the best vet
      college in our parts. He keeps in contact with a cardio at purdue
      and from what I have read from you all Sockster is getting the
      correct treatment. I get to go in with him and see every test he
      has. Sockster fell one am climbing up on something as he is
      into eveything and will not think before he leaps. That evening he
      to could not walk. I paniced thought he was like speedy as it
      hadnt been but 3 mos since we lost her but the dr looked at him
      and he sprained something he layed around for three days . He
      finally got ok but I think it took his 6 weeks and I still think he
      favors it. So like people. I think I had no trouble with speedy as
      seh was bresthing so hard her legs were cold ice and she was
      crying, This is the biggest clot . Yes the dr said it could have
      stopped it yes I believe the asprin will help thin the blood incase
      they throw a clot. Now I have Trampster who is an aunt to
      Sockster who is 10 and we just found out she has ir. She has
      been fine for years had her check up teeth cleaned and some
      bad ones removed no sign. 3 months later she had an ear inf
      middle ear and couldnt keep her balance they heard a heart
      mummur and we did an ulta sound and now shes on meds. I
      can say they both seem happy and so far it working. Blackie is
      the other one of litter mates who hasnt got this but she was
      blessed with thorax around the outside of her lungs has fluid
      build up. They told me she wouldnt live long but we put her on
      RUTIN and we are all on hills wd and its been one year and ahe
      the same. So enjoy are cats as well as our family as long as we
      are blessed with them Sorry so long but I didnt know if Jonnatan
      understood. I love hearing about all your pets too and Pray for the
      sick ones and the ones we have lost lately Janie
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