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  • millefont1
    Nov 30, 2005
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      Hi---we have a cat with IBD as well as HCM, so I have some idea what
      you are going through in the way of meds. Have you read anything
      about or tried a balanced raw diet? Peaseblossom's IBD is finally
      under control---with no meds---on a raw diet with some supplements.
      If a raw diet is not practical for you, you could also consider
      canned food with no grains or vegetables. The best places I have
      found for info on both the raw and appropriate canned foods are:
      www.catinfo.org and www.catnutrition.org. Pease was on Flagyl and
      pred for months, really years, according to her medical history, and
      neither cured any of her problems. Only changing her diet did. If
      you no longer have to worry about IBD, you could at least cut the
      meds you have to give... If you want more specific info about the
      regimen that finally cured the worst of Pease's IBD symptoms, please
      let me know.

      Have you read all the info on this site about supplements for heart
      cats? If not, I strongly urge you to check it out. CoQ10 and L-
      carnitine as well as extra taurine and omega-3 oils have made a huge
      difference to Pease, esp. the CoQ10. Lisa Clarizia posted a masterly
      summary of the best supplements a few months ago that I feel sure
      saved Pease's life.

      Best of luck to you both.
      Susan and Peaseblossom
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