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  • Susan Burns
    Nov 30, 2005
      hi and sorry i don't know your name.....you might try
      doing some research on rutin (otherwise known at
      vitamin p, i believe).....some vets are using it for
      pleural effusion with chyle, as it's very effective at
      drawing the fluid out.....roger rag's cardiologist
      gave us a thumbs up and suggested 250 mgs tid for
      pleural effusion caused by heart failure (without
      chyle), but roger was just too late stage for anything
      to help....you can purchase it at gnc, and it's about
      $8 for a big bottle....gnc isn't a spot that i'd
      normally shop, but all of the fancy vitamin stores
      carried rutin with a bunch of other stuff mixed
      in.....i just googled feline pleural effusion rutin
      and came up with several veterinary websites that
      talked about it in pretty good detail....cheers,
      susan.....p.s....rr was also on 20mgs lasix tid, so
      there wasn't an issue with contraindication...

      > However- he also has a chronic, unexplained pleural
      > effusion. Needs
      > to be tapped every 4-6 weeks, as the amount of fluid
      > becomes
      > excessive.

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