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  • twizzlebug
    Nov 29, 2005
      Hi- accidentally found this list, and it's wonderful to know I [we]
      aren't alone.

      I have an 11 yr. old neutered male stray, whom is likely almost a
      full Maine Coon. AT 3 an xray showed a 'large' heart- but
      not 'enlarged'.

      At 8 he became very ill, and was diagnosed with triaditis-
      pancreatitis, hepatitis & chronic inflammatory bowel disease.

      This summer his thyroid levels rose- hyperthyroid. Back to
      specialist for cardiac ultrasound. Mild cardiomyopathy.

      However- he also has a chronic, unexplained pleural effusion. Needs
      to be tapped every 4-6 weeks, as the amount of fluid becomes

      Started him on Lasix 2 days ago, in the hopes that we can extend the
      time span between chest taps. The pleural fluid appears like chyle-
      but is negative on cytology.

      This poor guy is on Lasix, Tapazole, Atenolol, Flagyl, Pepcid &
      Prednisone. All are necessary meds for each condition. He is 14
      lbs., evil, feisty, our 'child'.

      He's been pretty stable- although it is a daily balancing act. Some
      of the meds are on alternate days, or every 3rd day...

      My heart is breaking. We have a GP vet, and an enormous 24 hr.
      hospital filled with specialists [whom are now in charge of most of
      his treatment]. We have actually tried to ask 'the question', and
      been firmly told by all docs involved that none would consider
      terminating his life- which was very relieving for us. We will do
      what is best for our little guy, at all times. And we know the day
      will come when either he collapses- or becomes so ill, we will have
      to make 'the decision' in a split second.

      So- that's our story.
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