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21445Re: [FH] CoQ-10 and L-Carnitine dosages

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  • Sue B
    Oct 31, 2005

      Good to hear that she's doing well.

      The normal dose for l-carnitine is 250mg per day. As for CoQ10, it varies
      but 30mg should be the minimum. My vet recommended that I give my girl
      Pepper 120mg daily. She's a fairly large cat and weighed 18 pounds when
      that recommendation was made (she's now down to 15 pounds).

      I've seen a definite improvement from both supplements. L-carnitine may
      work for dogs, but it also works for cats & people too!

      I've also seen improvements from DMG and omega-3, but start with the other


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      From: "Tanya Elder" <elderta_2001@...>
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      Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 9:25 PM
      Subject: [FH] CoQ-10 and L-Carnitine dosages

      > Hello!
      > Thanks to all who emailed me offline regarding Zanzibar. She doing ok
      > on the diltiazem, and has been up and walking around. I bought some
      > cq10 and l-carnitine, but was a little unsure of the dosage. I have 30
      > mg of cq-10 and 250 mg of l-carnitine. Is that enough or too much? I
      > know this question has probably been asked a million times!
      > Also, when I spoke with my vet tonight, and he said that l-carnitine
      > is for dogs with heart problems. Any ideas about this?
      > Thanks again!
      > Tanya
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