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21134Re: OT - Tribute to Oscar, my feral cat

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  • bantababy
    Oct 5, 2005
      Sue --

      I agree with Marthe, he had a home with you. What a great thing you
      did for him -- you offered him food, companionship, and as much of a
      safe harbor as he wanted. You also spared him the fate of so many
      feral cats -- he didn't die in pain, he wasn't preyed on by other
      animals as he lay dying, and because of you, he died in peace. How
      many people would do what you did for him? Many people find it easy
      to love a beautiful fluffy persian but it takes someone with a big
      heart and true love for cats in her soul to love and mourn for a tough
      little alley-cat feral. Bless you for it!


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Sue B <rockii@o...> wrote:
      > Tonight I picked up the ashes for Oscar. He was PTS on 9/27 when I
      took him in to the vet for a visit and they found he had Feline Leukemia.
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