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21132Re: [FH] OT - Tribute to Oscar, my feral cat

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  • mfortner@att.net
    Oct 5, 2005
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      He did have a home and a family, Sue....with you. Bless you for caring for him and helping him leave with dignity. I have ferals that I care for in my backyard...and I consider them part of my family so I understand your feeling of loss.

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      From: Sue B <rockii@...>
      > Tonight I picked up the ashes for Oscar. He was PTS on 9/27 when I took him in
      > to the vet for a visit and they found he had Feline Leukemia.
      > He didn't really have a home. I guess my backyard was his home. It was hard to
      > say goodbye.
      > Oscar, I miss you!
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