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21130Re: [FH] OT - Tribute to Oscar, my feral cat

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  • Belinda Sauro
    Oct 5, 2005
      I don't know who told you this but it is an out and out lie!!!!
      *Since it's highly contageous and always fatal, I couldn't bring him
      back home with the possibility of spreading the disease.*

      I currently have 6 cats, all live together, eat, sleep, groom, play and
      occasionally have minor squabbles. Bailey is my FeLV positive, he found
      me when he was 5 months old and tested positive then (at the time I had
      3 cats, all vaccinated for FeLV and negative), after finding out that my
      Joey also 5 months old at the time was sneaking under the door to play
      with Bailey who was in his own room I decided to let him out with the
      rest. I had already had much experience with FeLV and knew that it
      wasn't as contagious as way too many vets still in this day and age
      believe (because they have not kept up on continued education and
      bothered to learn the latest info out there about FeLV). When I had
      Bailey tested by 3 different vets each one told me to euthanize him
      because he would be dead in 3 months and infect my other cats,
      thankfully I knew better.

      Bailey turned 10 years old this May, I now have 6 cats all are
      vaccinated and healthy AND are tested every year and are still NEGATIVE
      (Bailey is still positive). So here is proof that it is NOT always
      fatal and not as contagious as so many vets will scare the h*ll out of
      you by telling you that.

      I'm very sorry Oscar paid the ultimate price. And I hope his life will
      stand for something and help even one person to understand that FeLV
      should not be an automatic death sentence as it unfortunelty is to so
      many cats still today because of ignorant, uneducated vets.

      And just as an additional FYI, most vets that find a cat that tests
      positive, even if the cat is healthy recommend euthaization. And if
      it's people decline to follow that advise and God forbid the cat at some
      point becomes ill, well then these vets will not bother to try and find
      out what is wrong with the cat, but ignorantly state "Well it's the FeLV
      kicking in and there is nothing we can do", the cat may simply have a
      URI that would easily be cleared up by antibiotics but the vet won't
      even bother to try and find out what is wrong ... I thank God everyday
      for my wonderful vet!!

      PS. I know of one FeLV positive who currently has cancer and guess what
      he is a 2 year survivor :) So I guess I'm trying to say your
      information is very inaccurate and if thisis your vet that gave you this
      inaccurate info, well if it were my vet, I wouldn't trust them to take
      care of my cats any longer.

      PSS. Sometimes emails are not the easiest way to try and get a thought
      across and I want you to know I'm not saying this to hurt you in any
      way, but I am trying to educate you so hopefully it doesn't happen
      again. I belong to a group that are all owned by FeLV positives, some
      mix their negs and positives some don't but all know more than many,
      many vets and that's just a shame.

      Happiness is being owned by cats ...

      Be-Mi-Kitties ...

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