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21098Re: [FH] Monkey's new health issue

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  • protectanimals
    Sep 30, 2005
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      Thanks, Lisa, for googling, I wish I had written down what the vet
      said the cyst was called (if that's what it turns out to be, that
      rare cyst), but I was in that state of trying to just grasp as much
      info and implications as I could. You know that state you get into
      when the vet is giving you bad news as nicely as they can? I'm sure
      everyone here knows what that's like!

      Her BW from last month was a blood clotting time test and a CBC. I
      know the blood clotting time test was ok, I think there were some
      highs and lows on the CBC, but nothing my boss really was concerned
      enough to alert me to. I have a copy....are the numbers meaningful
      to you, should I post them (I mean the flagged ones)? I think what
      she did today was a chem panel. Maybe those numbers are more
      meaningful at this point, whenever I get my hands on them!

      You are right, I definitely didn't need this....I had finally decided
      I could leave Monkey for a week and take a trip. My week off is
      scheduled for the week my vet returns, so I'm sure I won't be going
      anywhere. I was working on arranging to go to the Gulf Coast to help
      care for the rescued animals, and the nurse up the road DID agree to
      give Monkey her Lovenox injections if I couldn't train my boyfriend
      to do it confidently.

      And most importantly, of course, it's hard because Little Miss Monkey
      has been doing so extraordinarily WELL! Well, one fun thing tonight
      was that tonight's the first night her regular vet saw her walk on
      all her legs!

      Meredith with Monkey

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Lisa Clarizia <lclarizia@g...>
      > Meredith,
      > Poor Monkey! And poor you ... gosh, just what you didn't need.
      > IIRC, her bloodwork from last month was okay, right? I've been
      Googling, and
      > all I've found is that kidney cysts from anything other than
      > kidney disease (largely confined to persians, and genetic) is
      pretty rare.
      > That she's not in pain is good. As for anesthesia ... it is a risk.
      But it
      > has been done. Baby Boy, back in the bad old chest-tap days was
      > isofluorane gas, and later, valium. Ketamine is a common
      anesthetic, but
      > should definitely be avoided for heart-kitties.
      > Keep us posted!
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