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21091Monkey's new health issue

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  • meredityok@aol.com
    Sep 30, 2005
      I brought Monkey to work today for the second time in about a month because
      of thinking that her urine was tinged with blood, and it was. Last month and
      again today, my boss prescribed Baytril.

      For those who don't know, Monkey's regular vet is at a different veterinary
      clinic than where I work. That's because Monkey went to the same place her
      entire 10 years, and I've only had this job for a year. The clinic where our
      regular vet is is the high-tech, expensive place in town!

      Friday night is the ONLY time during the week that Monkey's regular vet works
      that I don't work, and I decided to get her in for an overall exam today.
      Thankfully, they called me when they had a cancellation.

      I'm really glad we got in to see her. She found by physical exam that
      Monkey's kidney was enlarged, so she did x-rays and then an ultrasound. I was
      present for the ultrasound.

      The left kidney is enlarged and the right kidney is somewhat unusually small.
      Also, there is an extremely large sac of fluid next to the left kidney.

      The vet said that it is time for her to hit the books for the second time
      thanks to Monkey (who has survived and recovered from a saddle thrombosis, for
      those who don't know). She said that some cats get a certain kind of cyst near
      their kidneys that is benign (I didn't write down what she called it), but
      that it is very rare and she has never treated it before!

      She did bloodwork, but unfortunately my vet is leaving town tomorrow, so she
      won't see the results until she returns on the 10th. She will leave
      instructions for someone else in the practice to call me if anything indicates Monkey
      needs something seriously, immediately, like fluids.

      She is POSITIVE that Monkey is stable and not having any pain. She said that
      if Monkey were having pain that her finger couldn't find, the ultrasound
      probe would have found it.

      She said if Monkey were a cat with just this issue and not all her other
      issues, after seeing the bloodwork, she might be talking to me about options such
      as a test to determine how much function the smaller kidney has, in order to
      decide whether to remove the enlarged one. But, being that Monkey is such a
      anesthesia risk....

      I asked her to keep in mind when deciding what options to talk to me about
      that I might want to take a risk, because I would rather Monkey die from
      anesthesia than a painful saddle thrombosis, anyway. (But I also don't want to do
      anything extraordinary if it's going to cause Monkey a lot of grief to survive

      She said to keep everything else the same, food and med-wise, other than I
      can add a 1/4 of a Pepcid per day, since Monkey has a tendency to vomit in the
      early am, which I think is due to hunger (within a couple hours of us needing
      to wake up for the day). She did say that if having food available during the
      night stops the vomiting, then I don't need to add the Pepcid.

      If anyone has any insight into what is doing on, please feel free to
      enlighten me or direct me to something to read.

      Monkey's meds are: Lovenox subq (4 units/day given in an insulin syringe,
      thanks to Rosemary and Irene!), 1/4 of Norvasc 2.5 mg tablet/night; 1/4 of
      Atenelol 25 mg. tablet/night; 1/2 a baby aspirin 2 nights/week; .1 ml tapazole
      gel/night to inner ear flap each night; and frequent laxatone. She eats Science
      Diet A/D canned food mixed with water (filtered). My vet said to give the
      Baytril my boss prescribed which is 1/4 of a 22.7 mg tablet twice a day for 10
      days. I don't know if I'll be giving the Pepcid.

      Thanks, guys, even for reading this.

      Meredith with Monkey
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