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20749Re: [FH] foster Homes needed

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  • Melody Woods
    Sep 3, 2005
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      I forwarded your post to my own lists as well as some other catlists I belong too.

      Ive been reposting lots of contact info for various hurricane pet rescue groups on my petlaw list
      Its hard to not let this become so overwhelming that it drafts the intention of the lists,
      know im struggling with that, on my lists

      I have limited to some extent postings on this on my olderkitty list ,as like this heart list, owners may already be already in life or death struggles for their pets
      Didn't want to over burden them.
      I think this information is for those of us who can do something, but already overburdened heart or other illness owners should concentrate first on their own sick pets
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      From: Bab006@...

      Subject: [reality101_redux] Room Desperately Needed for the Animal Victims
      of Katrina

      I send this to those of you who are animal lovers...this may be all that
      some of us can do:

      Transport Provided to Anywhere - Room Desperately Needed for the Animal
      Victims of Katrina

      There is transportation provided, with people ready and waiting, for upwards
      of 200 dogs and 150 cats so far rescued from the devastation of hurricane
      Katrina. What these animals need is a place to go. Kennels, boarding, vets
      offices, shelters with any extra space, foster homes and rescues. Even one
      or two open kennels would greatly help.

      >From what we know, all animals have been vaccinated and are in good health
      considering the conditions. There are dogs and cats of every breed and size.
      Some are in groups of two, three or four, hailing from the same family,
      These drivers are willing to move these animals ANYWHERE they need to go.
      Absolutely anywhere.

      The current safe houses for these animals are being inundated and some of
      these pets will have to be euthanized if they are not moved to make room for
      the incoming animals.

      Please feel free to pass on this information everywhere. Every forum, every
      list, every community.


      If you know anyone, anywhere, that is willing to take in even one cat or dog
      please have them contact Lynda at the information provided below.

      They are also asking for ANY kind of donations for the animals - money, food
      bedding, water, etc.

      Please Contact Lynda V. at: 203 515 3024 (cell)
      Home: 203 227 5308
      Email: Lynda@...

      Please contact at any time, day or night. These volunteers, rescuers and
      shelter workers are working around the clock.

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