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  • Sue B
    Sep 2, 2005

      Great News!!! It's always scary with our heart-kitties when things aren't


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      > Gov is home now and he is to discontinue the Prednisone but continue
      > with Flovent. Emergency vet seems to think the Pred made him so
      > uncomfortable as to create the rapid respiration which fluctuated
      > between 48-70 reps per minute. And he really looked bad. He has had
      > only the Flovent today, nothing else, and he is so much better now.
      > But I am to watch him closely for the next 2 days and return him to
      > the emergency vet immediately if I notice any further respiratory
      > problems. Im so glad I brought him in when I did. I'm such a worrywart
      > with him being an HCM boy. His echo looked good for his condition,
      > I'll get more info next week when he goes for his yearly.
      > Thanks, Cathy
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